Minimizing the risk of downtime through preventative maintenance (PM)

This area perfectly echoes with our anticipatory approach in service delivery and emanates even from the essence of our brand.

Unlike the break/fix model, proactive maintenance pays to increased reliability and reduces unscheduled equipment downtime or other avoidable failures. At ABS Absolute, we put up individual maintenance schedule for each customer based on a number of criteria.

We conduct scheduled inspections of hardware, software, network or other system components in order to reveal any possible defects before they evolve into something more severe.  Such measures help to:

  • Extend the equipment lifetime;
  • Forecast failures before they occur;
  • Check the storage availabilities;
  • Assess security issues;
  • Assess operating efficiencies;
  • Check the backup systems;
  • Minimize the risk of downtime;
  • Exclude negative business impact.