When moving is not stressful anymore

Constant changing business environment, growing opportunities often make businesses to move to new locations. Our experience proven statistics gave us a hint to propose IT Relocation as a distinct service, which can be useful if you have decided to move either one, several departments or the entire business to a new location.

With our involvement in the process, everything will be under control and the overall frustration will increasingly reduce. It is very useful to involve IT at early stages of new location arrangements so that we can make necessary recommendations concerning cabling, connectivity resources and other issues.

To embrace all aspects of moving, we will take our time to ask the right questions to elaborate business technology needs and requirements for your new location and plan steps to securely and safely transfer all your IT related operations with zero or limited interruptions.

IT relocation service covers the entire IT infrastructure (servers, storage, UPS, backup libraries, switches, routers, firewalls, and workstations) and includes:

  • Complete data backup and validation
  • Secure data integrity and reliability
  • Creation of Business Continuity Plan continuity of operations
  • Coordinated disconnect and reconnect of the entire infrastructure.
  • A controlled and graceful shutdown
  • Network dismantling and installing
  • Application integrity
  • Effective network refresh service?
  • Vendor selection and recommending
  • Recommendations of technology move (packing tips)
  • Technology testing after move