When everything is settled to give you peace of mind

Protection of business-critical data is an indispensable part of our managed IT services which requires a comprehensive and integrated security strategy across all your IT assets.

Many business owners are worried about the confidentiality of information when partnering with a third party. Foreseeing your concern, we would like to assure you, that security issues will significantly improve, if you outsource your infrastructure to а professional Managed Services provider.

Where do we start? A holistic approach to security implies application of information confidentiality, availability and integrity principles set by the business throughout the entire information life cycle – from creation and processing to storage and activation. We do regular risk assessment, vulnerability and weaknesses scanning and testing, data inventory, investigate main data flows investigation, and conduct end-user awareness trainings on removable media usage, Internet technologies, malware distribution over mail delivery, social networks, file exchange servers, etc.

Our in-depth and multi-layered security strategy addresses the following:

  • Monitoring and management of intrusion detection systems,
  • Antivirus protection,
  • Managed firewalls,
  • Spam filtering,
  • Patch management and upgrades,
  • Security assessments and security audits,
  • Identity and access management,
  • Password management,
  • Logical network policies,
  • Domain Name System (DNS) protection,
  • VPN Services to support secure remote and flexible working,
  • Flexible control of Internet resources usage, e.g. restriction of access to malwares and spyware, software distribution, social networks, known mail and file exchange servers and other Internet resources for defined single user or users groups.