How dependent is your business on data?

How would your business survive or bounce back from crisis, if, for example, a disaster forced you out from the office for 2 weeks? How much will the downtime cost your organization?

As managed services provider, we cannot surely avoid pinpointing such and many other issues regarding your IT resiliency. In today’s IT based reality, businesses cannot plan their resiliency without coordinating it with information systems owner. Hence, It will become our objective to design beforehand a broad scope of activities focused on recovering the operation of all or part of designated information systems at an existing or new location in an emergency.

Information systems continuity implies a suite of plans to properly prepare response, recovery, and continuity activities for disruptions affecting the organization’s information systems. Among such are:

  • Disaster recovery plan (DRP), with a purpose of providing procedures for relocation information systems operations to an alternate location.
  • Information Systems Contingency Planning (ISCP), with a purpose of providing procedures and capabilities for recovering and information system.
  • Backup Management plan (BMP), with a purpose of providing information storage backup frequency procedures.

Eventually we have an ideal state of resilience – no matter what happens, the business knows how to resist and quickly recover from occurred situation with zero or minimal losses and safeguarded key business data.