Enhancing the performance and availability of your data

Year-on-year businesses increasingly go digital and consequently the growing volume of created and consumed data drive greater requirements for efficient, secure and cost-effective storage capacities and data-management tools. This is the case that one size doesn’t fit all and there are no ready solutions to satisfy organizational needs.

Data is managed throughout the entire information life cycle – from creation, processing, sharing, to storage, archiving and retrieval with the consideration of confidentiality, availability and integrity principles. Not all data is created equal, hence different types of your business data are subjected to different availability, security, regulatory and archiving requirements.

At ABS Absolute, we take holistic approach to data and storage. We take time asking right questions to assess our customers’ specific storage and data requirements from the perspective of cost, security, complexity and risk.  Then we define strategies and design solutions to help our customers reduce technology expenditures and maintain secure control and visibility of their corporate data.

Through the process of data and storage management we do the following:

  • Assess the quantity and purpose of your corporate data, identify business-critical data;
  • Provide analysis of whether data is important or redundant;
  • Implement and manage cost-effective, secure storage regimes;
  • Implement business continuity and disaster recovery plans;
  • Identify and provide the optimum storage platforms for your business.