Passing on the accumulated expertise and experience

When designing our services, we stayed committed to our mission of bringing best IT practices to our market and new generation of IT professionals.

We conduct courses for:
• IT Professionals;
• Employees of our customer organizations:

Courses for IT professionals span different topics in IT Management and IT Security and are designed for IT managers and CIOs. The trainings are also implemented in partnership with Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia (MIC); Drop us a line at if you are interested to receive detailed information on course modules.

Above that we constantly plan and implement corporate IT literacy courses for the employees of our customer organizations, which cover IT security, information availability and other important issues. Let us know if you wish to guest such training for your employees.

Apart from our scheduled courses, we are ready to plan and implement a specific training at your demand, addressing all raised strategic and key issues, applicable to your business needs and expectations. Please write us to raise your suggestions and enquiries.