Information Security as a service (SECaaS) for a more reliable defense

Managed Security is a must in our palette of Managed IT Services, which is unconditionally provided to all our customers. Yet, many organizations prefer more advanced security initiatives to safeguard their information assets as well as better meet compliance requirements.SECaaS is an outsourced service which encompasses the whole landscape of security offerings from strategy planning to implementation and training.

Where do we start? At first we investigate your business model and analyze your current security posture. Having that done, we undertake a holistic approach on planning security policy, selecting and implementing right technology combined with expert advice. With a belief that certain amount of data breaches can be prevented through proper education, we allocate due time and effort to user security awareness raising, without which spent security technology acquisitions are useless. Our SECaasS offerings include:

Security assessment, regulatory and compliance audit

to analyze your security posture and compliance with legislative and industry requirements

IS Strategy, Policy and Procedure, Documentation

to plan and run effective security programs

Security architecture and infrastructure design
to help you deploy right technologies and achieve maximum value for your security projects

IS Risk Management
to identify gaps, determine the target state and operationalize around the risk mitigation road-map

ISO27001 implementation consulting
to assist you in pursuing ISO27001certification  to protect your information assets based on  industry best-practices

Threat and Vulnerability Management
to discover and mitigate weaknesses in your security armor

IS Incident Management
to detect security events, provide timely response to restore service operations and prevent huge impact

Identity and Access Management
to enable the right individuals access the right resources at the right times, for the right reasons

Security Awareness Trainings
to educate company employees on potential security risks and basic ways of malware protection