Entire lifecycle administration and management of your IT infrastructure. Service includes whole spectrum of IT infrastructure: workstations, servers, networks, software, databases, clouds, hosting and virtual environments, as well as engineering infrastructures.

Workstation Administration
Proactive maintenance and management of workstations from initial installation and configuration to ongoing responsive support

Server Administration
Ensuring high performance and availability of server environment to support various server-based business functions and real-time monitoring to exclude downtime

Virtual Environment Administration
Safe administration of your virtual environments starting from creation, capacity planning, configuration, to maintenance, access control, monitoring of resource utilization and backup

Network design, setup and administration
Security-rich and optimal network including architecture design and implementation, IP addresses inventory, network resources optimization, routers and switches configuration, software deployment and updating

Clouding and Hosting Administration
Complete support, administration, as well as performance and availability monitoring of your hosting and clouds

Data Stores and Databases Administration
Enhancing the performance of your data throughout the entire information lifecycle – from creation, processing, sharing, to storage, archiving and retrieval with the consideration of confidentiality, availability and integrity principles

Infrastructure Systems Administration
Benefit from full range of standardized and proven solutions to ensure scalability and viability of your IT infrastructure

IT Infrastructure Engineering Administration
Design, implementation and maintenance of IT engineering infrastructure including cooling systems, server room and datacenter environmental control: temperature and humidity maintenance, as well as firefighting