Information Security

Advanced security initiatives to safeguard your Company’s information assets as well as better meet compliance requirements.

IS Service encompasses the whole landscape of security offerings from strategy planning to implementation, training and ISO27001 implementation consulting.

IS Risk Management and Security Assessment
Identification, measuring, mitigation and elimination of risks, documentation of effectiveness of existing controls

IS Strategy, Policy And Procedure, Documentation
Security strategy planning and running of effective security programs

ISMS implementation testing
We carry out a compliance check of implemented system with the ISO27001 standard, help to identify existing risks and, if necessary, offer a new strategy

Threat And Vulnerability Management
Aims at discovery and mitigation of weaknesses in your security armor

IS Incident Management
Detection of security events and provision of timely response to restore service operations and prevent huge impact

Identity and Access Management
Designed to enable the right individuals access the right resources at the right times, for the right reasons

Security Awareness Trainings
Targeted at company employees to educate on potential security risks and basic ways of malware protection

Reliable Removal Of Information
Ensures that all sensitive data is securely deleted to prevent unauthorized disclosure