e-zang: corporate VoIP system

IP-PBX or VoIP system transforms your company’s telephone communications to a completely new level. Unlike standard telephone lines, VoIP technology transmits audio signal through Internet traffic, which significantly reduces costs and allows you to have quality phone calls scaled up to your business requirements. Regardless your company size and employee quantity, you can benefit from numerous interesting features of e-zang system to make phone communication between your partners, staff and customers more effective and efficient.

The system operates on free, open source software, which excludes further annual payment obligations for licenses after installation and configuration. e-zang corporate VoIP system enables to engage all inbound and outbound calls on one technology platform, create shared telephony for even geographically distant departments and branches, organize conference calls, forward and record phone calls, use automatic voice response and many other features. With our maintenance service you will be able to manage all changes and updates for both entire business and individual users.

Basic package
ezang-base-01-icon Incoming calls
ezang-base-02-icon Internal calls
ezang-base-03-icon Caller identification for internal calls
ezang-base-04-icon Call forwarding
ezang-base-05-icon Call waiting, music installation during on hold mode
ezang-base-06-icon Outgoing calls
ezang-base-07-icon Automatic call switching during busy and no answer modes
ezang-base-08-icon Configuration of internal numbers
ezang-base-09-icon IP telephone installation and configuration
ezang-base-10-icon Configuration of external SIP numbers
Advanced package
ezang-advanced-01-icon Voice menu – IVR system (Interactive Voice Response- Interactive automatic response)՝ voice greeting, 24/7automatic provision of information and customer service
ezang-advanced-02-icon Voice menu management of incoming through keypad
(IVR system is required)
ezang-advanced-03-icon Recording and listening of phonecalls
ezang-advanced-04-icon Voicemail
ezang-advanced-05-icon Conference calls
ezang-advanced-06-icon Limitation on international and long distance phone calls
ezang-advanced-07-icon GSM-router configuration for toll-free or cost price calling within networks of different telephone operators in Armenia
ezang-advanced-08-icon Integration of existing non-digital internal phones
ezang-advanced-09-icon Uniting all company branches in one e-zang platform
ezang-advanced-10-icon e-zang control panel
ezang-advanced-11-icon Integration of non-SIP type phone numbers

What do you need for e-zang installation?

  • Broadband internet connection;
  • IP phones of softphones;
  • Office PBX;
  • Multichannel numbers for incoming phone calls.

Will will take care of the rest!