Business Applicable

Management of business related special systems, software and applications. After analyzing the structure and flow of business, we propose systems and software best suitable for your specific needs.

Аnd further ensure their implementation, maintenance, upgrades, troubleshooting as well as coordination of vendor relations.

Financial and Accounting Systems Management
Guarantees consistency and availability of your essential systems such automated banking and accounting systems, Client-Bank, Electronic accounting document and books, Identification cards, and other

Document Flow System Management

Aims to make your business-process management more efficient, streamlined and transparent and allows you to effectively obtain, organize, deliver, store and archive information

Corporate Management Systems Management
Ensures full functionality of your HR, CRM, E-commerce, Enterprise Resource Planning and other automated financial, personnel, logistics and operations management software

Mail System Management
Reliable performance of your email services, including mail account management, mail security, capacity and continuity monitoring, migration, backup, restore and archivation

Web Systems Management
Ensures full functionality and performance efficiency of websites, web-based systems and DNS, as well as implementation of migrations and hosting management

File Sharing System Management
Targeted at ensuring secure collaboration through local file servers and clouding services such as G Suite, Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, etc

VoIP Services

Full service of VoIP servers, phones, SIP servers interconnection, Call Centers from set up to ongoing maintenance

Office Printing and Digitalization Management
Full optimization, support, maintenance and management of all aspects of your business print environment including, scanners, printers, faxes and copiers