ABSolutely true about us

Established in 2011, ABS Technologies (former – ABS Absolute) is a Managed IT Services Provider committed to bring best IT practices and international IT standards to provide a competitive edge to its customers.

Our portfolio of Managed Services spans the whole spectrum of IT operations, from Systems and Infrastructure Administration to Information Systems continuity, Security, and Audit.

With more than 20 years of experience in IT, our staff truly serves the Company mission of providing best in class IT solutions to our customers thus empowering them and giving them peace of mind to focus on their core business.

ABSolute values

First three letters of our brand name are not random. They derive from the core values we put at the very cornerstone of our work to Turn your IT into BenefIT:


Anticipatory approach is a step above the proactiveness and is a key to providing an exceptional customer experience. The approach implies taking prior actions in service delivery to foresee, identify and provide solutions to IT incidents before they affect or have negative impact on business operations.

Business Focus

We service businesses, not computers. We engage with customers to holistically examine their business needs and help them achieve their  objectives by managing their IT infrastructure at the highest levels of excellence.


We bring in best in class security measures to protect information Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.

ABSolute principles

Gained trust and credibility among our customers are attributable to several principles we abide to in our everyday work:


is put at the very cornerstone of customer and partner relations

Friendly relationship

is valued beyond the contract


is our driving engine

Work continuity

is deemed as one of the highest priorities

Vendor independence

gives us versatility and impartiality while giving pro-client procurement recommendations free from any specific brand or product bias


is achieved through vast industry-wide experience and through application of proven tools, methods and processes


is reached by maximized return of spent IT investments

ABSolutely determined?

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, technology is certainly a part of it. Therefore, if you think that IT plays an important role in your business and you seek professional, long-term, effective and efficient IT solutions to serve your business needs, call us today at +374 12 912 912. We would love to partner!

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